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About Us

The InClusion Services Behavior Team provides initial and ongoing behavior training to all staff. Support staff are given initial and ongoing behavior training, in field support and guided feedback during sessions with consumers. Trainings include behavioral intervention strategies to assist with the prevention and management of maladaptive behaviors with our consumers. The behavior team conducts 1:1 meeting with staff, supervisors and directors to provide constant behavior supports. Monthly overlaps with each of our consumers are conducted to provide additional support. We provide direct supervision throughout the month for each consumer. We create individualized behavior intervention plans and/or behavior snap shots for all consumers with behavioral challenges. We identify and define the client's maladaptive behaviors, assess the function of that behavior, determine the antecedents that lead to behaviors and then provide antecedent strategies to reduce the occurrence of the behaviors. Also, we assess the behaviors and provide consequence strategies to prevent future occurrences of the behavior. Staff are then trained on the behavior intervention plan/snap shot to ensure that the plan is carried out with each of our consumers. We provide Functional Behavioral Assessments and develop token economy systems. In addition, we also assist with transitional placements from developmental centers, forensic involvement, lock settings and DMI units. 

Meet our Team

Rich Woldemar 

Director of Clinical Services

Phone :  (707) 681-0601 Ext: 718

Rich Woldemar
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